Transition to meaningful, sustainable work.

Coaching and workshops that help women transition to work that feels balanced while contributing to a more just and sustainable world. 

Hi friend,

You might be here because you long to play your part in our transition to a better world.

You may also be feeling drained or unmotivated by your current work 
(even if it's work you used to love--which might feel confusing.) 

Integrates real impact on converging climate and social crises,

Feels meaningful, energizing, and even exciting again, or maybe for the first time,

Uses the hours and energy you spend on work for causes you care deeply about,

Allows you to show up more fully you. 

Which means you may be dreaming about adjusting your work that...

What if clients/ friends/ colleagues/ family/ the world judge me for pivoting to this?

What if I can't make money doing it? Or what if I lose income I need?

What if taking this on would stretch me too thin?

But the idea of transitioning your work to spark climate and social impact, brings a whole bunch of worries, like: 

So you get overwhelmed or nervous,
and you don't move forward.

You stay unhappy at work

You stay worrying about our future,
and feeling powerless to contribute to a better one.

I should probably do some more training before I start this...

In fact, I believe our epidemic levels of burnout and our converging world crises are connected

Seeing the world burn around you and feeling forced to sit at a computer or tied to a client’s to-do list and ignore it every day can crush even the strongest of spirits.

Your desire for meaningful work is
not a pipe dream. 

And your growing dissatisfaction
from the work you used to love
may make very good sense.

What if I told you that...

Gain clarity about the impact you want to make,
Make a plan for integrating it into your work that will
Keep your income secure and your work/life balanced
Grow the courage to get started.
I help women like you :

You are not alone.

Hi, I'm Jeanne.

"Working with Jeanne feels like an exhale."

"She takes the time to really come into my perspective - to understand where I’m coming from. What I believe, what I want, what I see as being in the way. And then she helps direct me toward seeing things that I hadn’t noticed on my own. But it all feels like it came from me. She’s a world class question-asker and expansive thinker. She is a gift."


"Jeanne’s one of the few people I know who can get inside my head and help me unravel what I’m stressing about. "

"She’s a calm, logical, and methodical person, but also a deep listener and a confidante in an entrepreneurial world that can normally feel lonely and isolating. When you need a confidante for gaining clarity on work decisions or challenges that are draining your motivation, Jeanne can get you back on track to feeling aligned and excited."

"I can't say enough good things about Jeanne's coaching."

"She helped and encouraged me as I am going through quite a significant (for me) change in my life and even though it wasn't her "lane", she was ready to help no matter what. I always get a lot of clarity from our coaching sessions." 

"I feel more confident and clearer and closer to my goals now that I've worked with Jeanne."

"Since working with Jeanne, I have more clarity on what I want to do and what I want my life to look like. I realized that I can do a project or a contract in international development without necessarily changing my whole career. I don't have to "do it all" for me to feel satisfied."


"Jeanne has the gift of knowing the right questions to ask to dig at the deeper issue. "

You know you're in safe and capable hands when you talk to her. She leads with kindness and warmth and I absolutely recommend her as a coach and partner.

First half of the consult: We'll talk about what you're looking for and answer any questions you might have.
Second half of the consult: We'll do a mini coaching session on a piece of what you're working through. This is so that you can get a taste of what it might be like working together. 
No sales pitch at the end--this is just for us both to get a taste to see if we might be a good fit. You're free to decide after the consult.

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