Free, One-Off Coaching Session

Thirty minutes in a safe space to talk and think through a challenge or desire you have to integrate climate or social justice impact into your work day. 

During this call, I'll listen closely and ask questions to help you think deeply and creatively in new ways you may not have considered before so you can gain new clarity and identify next steps you feel good about

What they are:

Women who might..

  1. Want to play a bigger part in building solutions to climate or social crises
  2. Have been feeling unmotivated or drained by their current work and know it's time for a change
  3. Are looking for support in gaining clarity for that vision or a plan for transition that keeps their motivation high, their time balancedand their finances stable

Who they're for:

  • Maybe you're considering pivoting your business or niche to focus on social justice or climate change in some way, but are terrified of making the change.
  • Maybe you're navigating speaking up about these issues at work, but are nervous about doing it wrong.
  • Maybe all you know is that you crave meaningful work tackling social justice or climate, but don't know what you want to do, let alone how to get started.

Common topics

Together we'll think through your challenge and come up with some clarity of how to approach it and next steps so you can feel peace and energy to move forward. 

"This coaching session was incredibly helpful! You really made it easy for me to find clarity and to work out my next steps. I'll absolutely be working with you again."

- Claire C.

I definitely recommend working with Jeanne. She has a great approach making you feel at ease and getting to the essence your challenge. My half-hour coaching call with Jeanne was a great experience that helped me see my challenge from a different angle. It gave me clarity an actionable steps, which is incredible given the little time we had. 

- Katia D.

"Jeanne has the gift of knowing the right questions to ask to dig at the deeper issue. You know you're in safe and capable hands when you talk to her. She leads with kindness and warmth and I absolutely recommend her as a coach and partner."

- Stephanie M.

What People are Saying

Why they're free

I'm building a new coaching practice, and working with new people helps me grow my skills and hone my niche, as well as provides a well of feedback. So, there is NO sales pitch at the end, and no ulterior motive. I love working with and learning from new people, and this is the best way for me to do that while I get my practice flowing. Right now, I only offer these periodically and at a limited number. If you see a slot and are interested, I encourage you to book!

30 minutes of pure coaching. No sales pitch or ulterior motive. I only offer these periodically and at a limited number of slots, so if you see an open slot and are interested, I encourage you to book! Any questions, please email me at sirensrisingco at gmail. 

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I'm based near Chicago, so my most consistent availability is between 8:45am - 1:30pm CST, and that's what you'll see on my Calendly. However, if those times don't work for you, I'm typically able to offer coaching outside those hours within 7:30am-7pm CST. Just send me an email to ask. 

What times do you offer coaching sessions?

No sales pitch. The entire coaching session will be focused on coaching you on something you're working through. Why is it free? I am at the beginning of building my coaching practice, and want as many opportunities to coach different people as I can and so offering these free sessions helps me grow and learn as I build. 

Will there be a sales pitch at the end? Why is this free?

Smaller to medium issues are best for these, given the time frame. Something specific and pressing, but not something that is incredibly all-consuming. Some examples include: "Should I do x or y opportunity?" or, "I have a dream for x but I'm avoiding it because I'm afraid of y." "I want to do x at work, but I'm worried about xyz."

What types of issues would be good to work through in a half hour session?

We will start with opening for you to bring a specific topic you'd like to talk about. If you can't think of something, I'll help you identify what would be most helpful for you. For most of the session, I will ask open-ended, non-judgmental questions to give you space to think, process, and plan. I listen very closely and will help you consolidate and clarify ideas, reflect back to you what I'm hearing and noticing, and help you get "unstuck" in unhelpful thought patterns. Though I mostly ask questions, when appropriate or when asked, can offer ideas based on my own experience in business-building or impact work. At the end, you leave with clarity and clear action steps to get you closer to your goals.

What are coaching sessions like?


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-Amber Beckett,
The Hello Code

"Jeanne is a gift. She takes the time to really come into my perspective - to understand where I’m coming from. What I believe, what I want, what I see as being in the way. And then, only once she has gotten inside my brain, she helps direct me toward seeing things that I hadn’t noticed on my own. But it all feels like it came from me. She’s a world class question-asker and expansive thinker. As a neurospicy, multiracial woman, it’s not easy for me to find people I’m fully comfortable with. I trust Jeanne. I adore her heart. I’m impressed by her brain. She constantly exceeds my (high!) expectations. "

more kind words

That little guy in the photo is my son--and a huge why behind my work. I want the world he grows up in to be shaped by the brilliant ideas of women who believe in a better future. I'm here to help women turn their ideas for climate and social solutions into something they feel confident building. A former public school teacher turned entrepreneur, I walked a journey from working 17-hour work days to 10-hour work weeks and still feeling unaligned, I decided that it was time to stop listening to “the experts” on how to create a meaningful and nourishing work life and start listening to my own wisdom and vision for the world I wanted to live in. I’m interested in how to decouple ourselves from capitalist definitions of self-worth and success, and what can happen when we rewrite our lives from a space of deep inner wisdom. My coaching training includes Cognitive Coaching from my teaching days, Tara Mohr's Playing Big Facilitator's Training and Coaching Way, and I have completed training through the Co-Active Training Institute. 

I'm Jeanne, a coach interested in nurturing ideas that build a better world.